Sunday, 13 November 2011

This week's thrifting

Just a couple of charity shop finds this week, both of which will eventually be re-sold.

I'm always happy to find bakelite beehive wool-holders, they are generally priced low, and sell for a good price on ebay.

I am really confused by this Portmeirion Totem dish and lid.  Love the colour, the pattern, the dish, but hate the lid.  
Ms Williams-Ellis, what were you thinking?
I guess it's fairly rare to still have the lid after nearly 50 years, especially as the particularly hideous design seems to be just asking to be broken.
Maybe its previous owner also hated the lid and kept it safely in a cupboard, because it is in absolutely pristine condition.
This is heading for ebay as soon as I can find a suitably sized strong box for shipping.


  1. That lid is, umm, very tagine-like isn't it. Love Totem though - one day the white coffee pot will be mine; £££, whole house will have to go "white" so it fits in...

    Meant to be ebaying too - keep missing those free-listing weekends through lazing about doing "other things". Will Get Act Together later...

  2. that dish and lid reminds me of moskou.
    great colour and design!

  3. Yes, it is quite a strange design, but I quite like it.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger