Monday, 22 August 2011

The drizzle in Brizzle...

...prevented me from taking any photos, but didn't stop me having a sneaky thrifting break.
Last week we went to Bristol to visit my 90 year old Gran, who started me off on this whole thrifting thing many years ago. It was a good visit, lovely to see her and she especially enjoyed spending time with her great-grandson, who is now a good few inches taller than her.
Sadly she doesn't get around so well now, and she isn't able to get up the steps to her garden, so she gave me this wonderful copper-topped table, which is just what I needed.
It has the most beautiful patina, and apparently cost 50p at a car boot sale about 20 years ago from someone who was refurbishing a pub.
I love it!

(Yes - I do have a garden gnome. He was here when we moved in, buried under a ton of undergrowth, it didn't seem right to evict him and his wheelbarrow makes a good outdoor ashtray).

We did have a little wander around the local area in the drizzle and I was horrified by the prices in the charity shops, until my thrifting-spidey-senses spotted a Salvation Army shop down a sidestreet. It was one of those lovely shops where you just know you're going to find something if you rummage hard enough, and sure enough......

I love pigs, love Dansk, love £1 bargains, my work here was done!

I hope everyone else had a good week.

For non-English readers : Drizzle - very fine misty rain
Brizzle - Bristol, as it sounds when said by the locals


  1. Aah I miss Brizzle, that's where I went to Uni, such a great city.

    Love your table and your pig - your Gran sounds like a lady after my own heart!

  2. Lovely table and silver piggy. Lucky you.x

  3. I love the out door setting
    Have a great week

  4. Gorgeous piggy-wig and I love your Gran's little table...nice that your continuing her tradition of thrifting...I have an old gnome living in my garden too.

  5. The table looks nice in your outdoor area. How lucky you are to still have your Gran around. I never realized how popular pig were until recently, cute little piggy.