Sunday, 7 August 2011

Quality not Quantity

So much for not thrifting during the school holidays - this week I have been in only one charity shop and somehow managed to spend the most I've ever spent on one charity shop item!

I saw this table in my local British Heart Foundation furniture shop late on Wednesday evening, thought I recognised it as being in the style of John Piper, agonised over spending £25 on it and more practically, over the prospect of either carrying it home on a rush hour bus or coughing up £10 for a taxi ride.

Late on Wednesday night, when I admitted to myself that I wasn't going to stop obsessing over it, I Googled it and found that it was a John Piper design, which made me realise that I had no chance of ever getting another one for £25.

In the manner of an Oscar acceptance speech, I'd like to thank the following people, without whom this table would not be sitting in my living room right now :

Thanks go to -

The best boy in the world, for getting up at the crack of dawn during his precious school holidays and accompanying his mother to a charity shop

The very lovely barista from our favourite coffee shop who whisked the table out of my (slightly struggling) arms and effortlessly carried it to the bus stop whilst reassuring me that I had done the right thing in buying it

The bus driver who merely raised an eyebrow as I very casually boarded his bus with a table under my arm

The local bus company for choosing to put the bus stop directly outside my house


  1. I absolutely love your table...worth every penny in my opinion, John Piper or glad it was still there waiting for you the next day. Gorgeous design, the most lovely colour combo (it looks like the most lovely piece of barkcloth in your pic)...the nicest flea market find I've seen in a long time.

  2. Good on you! That's a really lovely piece. Did you manage to sleep Wednesday night? Aww, bless your little man for getting up early x

  3. @ Kylie - Thanks, I love it, every time I look at it it makes me smile, would have bought it whatever, the John Piper design is just an added bonus.
    @ trashsparkle - Your comment made me smile - No, I didn't sleep very well on Wednesday night at all! Best boy in the world got his reward when I took him and a mate to see Transformers 3 (2.5 hours!).

  4. oh what a gorgeous table, I love the colours. I love when you can't stop thinking about something you have seen to still find it there the next day.