Monday, 12 December 2011

Thrifting Update

There's been a lot of wallpaper-stripping and preparation for decorating going on around here, and therefore not much thrifting.

Also, due to the time of the year, the charity shops are all full of hideous shiny tat (bah, humbug!).

Thrift-score number 1 is this lovely bowl by Egersund of Norway.
I especially like its bottom.

These Ravenhead Siesta glasses were impossible to resist - we had the same ones when I was a kid.

Brown is really not one of my 
favourite colours, but I had to 
buy this chopping board.  

There's no clue as to the manufacturer - Taunton Vale would be my best guess, but I haven't found a match on Google images.
Clearly "inspired" by Marimekko,though.
Any chopping board collectors out there who can help with identification?


  1. Lovely finds!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. I love each vintage find, excellent taste! Especially the chopping board and those glasses, in-the-box, no less.

  3. Did you know that brown is the new black? I like the cutting board, and love the bowl.♥

  4. I love all of those, merry christmas x

  5. i do love that chopping board. i don't see brown designs like that very often, so it makes it even more lovely!

  6. Oh yes, I love brown and I love the chopping board. Can't help on the make, unfortunately.