Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I don't like xmas.  I'm not going to go on about it, because I know that most of the bloggers I follow love it and do it wholeheartedly, but I don't and so my favourite time of the year is just beginning.

There are many benefits to not "doing" xmas, but one I really noticed this year was that while most people were prowling the aisles of the supermarkets being super-organised with huge lists, the charity shops were almost empty.

Although I've yet to find a candle that really fits well in them, I still love these Dansk candle holders.  They sit on the window ledge halfway up my stairs, and everyone who passes them re-arranges them.  The two I bought last week will just allow more permutations.

I was attracted to this little vase, and thought the embossed pattern was very Hornsea-like.  It's stamped Withernsea Eastgate, and a bit of Googling revealed that Eastgate is just down the coast from Hornsea, and Eastgate pottery bought a lot of Hornsea's old moulds from them.

I hope everyone who celebrates xmas had a good one.

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  1. I'm not a Christmas fan either, nor is my husband or my "gown-up" children. Over the years, we've made less and less of a fuss and is is very freeing. Liking vintage is very closely tied to the reasons I don't like what Xmas has become.

    I wasn't planning to go out on Xmas Eve day, but unexpectedly ended up in one of the local thrift stores - lovely and quiet with a number of nice finds! I know exactly how you felt!

  2. Love those green candle holders - a great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. The thrift stores here were just as busy as ever, but with less merch since everybody was too busy shopping during the past month instead of donating!!

  4. Oh, I feel the same way about Xmas as you, it has turned into a commercial monster. I used to stress about it but I have allowed myself to step away from all the craziness. I gave mostly thrifted gifts for the holiday and I hope that my family liked what I choose for them. I know I enjoyed finding their gifts more than I would have if I had gone to the box stores. The uniqueness and quality of older items can't be beat and I enjoy finding others who feel the way I do.