Sunday, 15 May 2011

First Post!

Hi to anyone who stumbles across this.
I'm a new blogger, based in the UK.
My interests are crochet, knitting, learning to sew, and charity shopping.
The aim of this blog is to be a kind of diary of my crafting and thrifting, and hopefully to contribute in a small way to the wonderful world of blogging, which has given me so much pleasure, entertainment and knowledge over the years.


  1. Hello and good luck with your blog - it gets addictive! I hope I bring you luck as your first follower :-)

    I'm rather fond of charity shopping as you will see if you visit my blog, and have just started to learn to crochet. I do the odd bit of hand sewing and ropey knitting and am always amazed at the abilities of many in blogland. All crafts are taking rather a backseat to the pc at the moment though - must log off occasionally!

  2. Thank-you and welcome to my first lovely follower!
    I'm very flattered as I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now, and have now become an "official follower" of yours.
    I'm also on an enforced crafting break at the moment, real life is just being too demanding. Hasn't stopped me adding to my yarn stash whenever I get the chance, though!