Sunday, 15 May 2011

My thrifting life

Although I generally don't like to use americanisms, I seem to have adopted the word "thrifting" because I do like neatness, and it so neatly encapsulates all my favourite types of shopping - charity shopping, jumble sales, junk shops and car boots. Maybe even skip-diving and kerb-shopping, although they are a bit of a rarity.

I was introduced to thrifting at an early age by my Gran. At the time she was living in a very wealthy area, and the jumble sales and charity shops were full of good quality stuff. For the rest of my life, whenever I needed or wanted something, I'd always try to thrift it.

When I got my first job I hit the charity shops and assembled some "smart" work outfits, when I got my first flat it was pretty much furnished second-hand.

I often get dressed in the morning and realise that, with the exception of underwear, I am head-to-toe in thrifted stuff. I look around my house, again loads of thrifted bargains.

Recently I have got the urge to document all this in a kind of "thrifting diary", hence this blog.
I'm going to start with some recent buys

Lovely duck-egg blue Noa Noa wraparound shirt/jacket, in really soft 100% linen. Appears to be unworn - maybe someone just wore it once or twice for a special occasion. Cost me £3.00.

Cath Kidston for Ikea Rosali bedding, I think the correct term is "gently used". Not my taste, so I've washed, dried and aired it and will be offering it to a friend. Cost - £3.99 for kingsize duvet cover and 2 pillowcases.
Incidentally, I wonder what people's reactions to thrifted bedding are? Some friends of mine are disgusted by the idea (have they never stayed in an hotel? Do they think that hotels use a new set of bedding for each guest?). My take on it is that so long as it's in good condition, with no marks or stains, I'll wash it on the hottest setting and it's not a problem.

CK for Ikea Rosali picture frame - heading for the same friend to go with the bedding. 40p.

Coats crochet cotton - mine, all mine! Beautiful colours, not smelly*, and a mega-bargain at 20p per ball.
*I always sniff yarn - sometimes it's just too musty!


  1. No stains - chucked through the wash - no problem! Gorgeous crochet cotton - what a find.

  2. Thanks for your vote for thrifted bedlinen!
    I was really pleased with the crochet cotton - it's getting harder to find knitting/crochet supplies in charity shops lately.

  3. Ikea Rosali is not designed by Cath Kidston.