Monday, 16 May 2011

A week of thrifting

I love Selena's Thrift Share Mondays, so I'm going to join in for the first time with some finds from my local charity shops

Palissy Calypso Butter Dish

I love this butter dish. It's marked "Calypso" Palissy England, but I can't find the exact pattern on any of my Google searches. It cost me £2.50.

Orla Kiely for Sainsbury
I picked up this little ceramic candle pot and was halfway to the cash desk before I noticed the label underneath it - "by Orla Kiely". It's a completely different logo to her more recent designs, but a Google images search reveals it's part of a range she designed for Sainsbury's in 2004. Bargain at 50p.

Shelley Apollo Sugar Bowl

I couldn't resist this Shelley "Apollo" sugar bowl, but as I don't use sugar often enough to have it in a bowl this is now on my kitchen window sill with a pot of basil in it. Cost £1.

I was attracted to this delicate little cup by the graphic print. It matches nothing in my kitchen, but I love it anyway. The only marking is "USSR" on the bottom, I guess it's a tourist souvenir. At 20p I couldn't leave it behind.

Lastly, these coasters remind me of my childhood, in fact I'm pretty sure we had a round tray in this same design in the early 70s. I really don't know what I'm going to do with 15 coasters, but at 10p each they were worth it for the nostalgia value alone. Cost £1.50.


  1. What fantastic finds! That butter dish is incredible.

  2. Sweet finds, Like the Apollo sugar bowl, russian cup (great graphics) and the coasters - great for an outdoor party!

  3. I love the russian cup and the orla keily candle holder! Great bold designs and bright colors! I'm jealous!

  4. Beautiful finds! I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite, they're all so pretty and unique.

  5. Great finds! I really love that sugar bowl! I bet it looks great holding your basil plant!

  6. Does it have a design, in addition to "USSR"? Usually, Soviet ceramic has a bird, lizard, or some figure as the factory's "trademark" (to use a western term).