Thursday, 28 July 2011

Friday French Favourites

I was wandering around the blogosphere the other day when I came across the wonderful selina's vintage .
Not only is Selina's blog full of thrifty, crafty loveliness, but also some beautiful photos she has taken on her travels in France.

I love France. I love reading about other people's love of France, and especially seeing their photos. When Selina suggested that other francophiles might like to join in with her on a regular Friday French Favourites post I knew that I would not be able to resist an invitation to blog some of my own favourite photos of France.

I'm starting with the place I love the most in the whole world - St Malo.
Does it sound weird when I say that just looking at these photos again (taken in 2007) makes my heart flip over?
The view (above) of Intra Muros from Parame beach is one of my favourites.

And here's the view from almost the same spot but looking the other way, along Parame beach towards Rotheneuf.

And another one, just because.

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  1. How beautiful. Your photos make me realise how much of France there is still to see. Sigh!