Friday, 8 July 2011

Thrifting and Reselling Last Month

Here's a bit of a round-up of a few things I've thrifted and sold on ebay recently.

These leather and suede jeans were on a 50p Rail outside a charity shop. Not my style, but I bought them because of the lovely, soft leather, thinking I could cut them up and sew with it.
They are really well-made, though, and it seemed a shame to cut them up, so when there was a "free listing weekend" on ebay I decided to see if they'd sell.

If you're sharp-eyed, you'll notice a red "Levi's" tag. There was also a Levi tag inside, but the buttons and rivets were unbranded. I read up a bit on fake Levi's and decided that I couldn't in all honesty describe them as Levi's (although the labels checked out fine with the "fake label" guide). I sold them for £22, which was a great result, although if I'd been able to list them as genuine Levi's they would have sold for at least double that.

I don't often leave a bag/tin of buttons or other haberdashery behind in a charity shop, so over the years I've accumulated far more than I'll ever need.
I had a bit of a sort out and made up a mixed lot of vintage and modern bits and bobs, in the sort of tin that must have inspired some Cath Kidston designs. Sold for £21.

I paid £3 for these 70s Moygashel Irish Linen curtains, which were in surprisingly good condition for their age. Sold for £25.

This bakelite knitting wool holder was 40p. The acorn shape is not as common as the beehive shape, so I had an idea it would sell for a decent price. Sold for £24.00 to a collector in the US.

Even after being fleeced on ebay and Paypal fees, these items made enough for me to make an impulse booking on the Ryanair website.
More about that next week.


  1. Yay for making money on a hobby! (hunting and gathering!) I must do more on-selling myself. Got more than I need!

  2. Didn't you do well. I must buy the leather jeans that have been in the Charity shop for the last few months - or at least check out the label. I've not delved into Ebay selling yet.
    Love from Mum

  3. If they're a reasonable price I would go for it, there seems to be quite a demand for them on ebay.
    My pair had a bidding war going on between a gay man and a biker, so there's two potential buyer categories already!

  4. a wool holder! that's what I need, balls of wool are so painful, aren't they, they slow you down when knitting or crochetting. I love the look of it, its colour and shape... I'll be looking around for one next time i'm opshopping! xx

  5. wowzers. leather jeans. that acorn thing...glad to know what it is, lol. looks like you got some good finds!

  6. I have never seen a Bakelike wool holder, but I'll be looking from now on...thanks for sharing your finds!