Sunday, 3 July 2011

Thrifting Round-up

They don't match my kitchen, but I couldn't leave these lovely 70s canisters in the shop at 50p each. I'll be reselling them, and hopefully someone will have some shelf-space for their glossy cheerfulness.

I bought these half-size 1933 playing cards for their lovely bird illustrations, I doubt I'll ever use them, and they'll probably end up being re-sold, but for 50p I think I just wanted to have them for a while.

Although I'm not a Pyrex collector, I was really pleased to find this Autumn 1971 brochure in with a vintage magazine I bought. I'm still a little bit mystified by the bloke on the front cover, he just doesn't seem right somehow, I would have expected a happy housewife. Having said that, he does make a refreshing change from the Stepford-type women that ad agencies seem to think spend their days getting over-excited about kitchen appliances and cleaning products.

Back cover of the Pyrex brochure, advertising a guarantee against thermal breakage until 31st December 2001 AD. Surely by then we would all be living in space-age homes with robots to bring us our food-pills? Well, if you'd asked me in 1971 that's probably what I would have predicted.

Actually, in 1971 I would have been more likely to have been knitting outfits for my Sindy dolls than worrying about the state of Pyrex in 2001 (AD).
Remember those sweet, chubby-faced, innocent dolls? Can you imagine a modern fashion doll wearing a knitted Wonder Woman suit or nurse outfit? Me neither. It would be soooo wrong.

January '69 Honey magazine...."Young, gay and get-ahead"......"Doing your own thing".....

I LOVE this cover, love the slightly spaced-out blue woman, the captions, everything. Now I can catch up with all the stuff I missed while making Sindy clothes.

All the above bits of papery stuff came in a bag for £1.

Hope everyone had a good week - linking up to Flea Market Finds.


  1. I think she's on something don't you? It's a good job the lights are dimmed.
    Glad to see you got some good bargains.
    Love from Mum

  2. WoW!!! Brilliant finds! Sindy dolls = major nostalgia trip! Love the pyrex guy. Would be a fun catalogue to look through!
    Happy days!

  3. I had a Sindy doll!! I agree about the Pyrex catalogue - why a man? In 1971? Strange. Nice finds.

  4. I remember Honey magazine - thought I was quite sophisticated reading it! Great finds!

  5. really fun canisters! I had never heard of honey magazine... seems like an interesting read. :)

  6. Honey was very, very sophisticated!
    If I remember correctly, it came in between Jackie and Cosmo in my teenage years, and probably did the least damage of all 3 to my impressionable young mind.