Monday, 11 June 2012

Charity Shopping in Derby

I often visit Derby for a thrifting away-day, and today I decided to take a few photos, which seem to have become a bit of a charity-shoppers' guide to Derby.

I concentrated mainly on the bric-a-brac sections as they are the first place I look and they make the most interesting photos. 

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1 - PDSA, Albert Street

Small vintage section (pictured left). 

Large-ish bric-a-brac shelf, mid/high price range.

2- Scope, Albert Street
Right next door to PDSA, mostly modern stuff, mid-range prices.
Nothing worth photographing today.

3 - Cancer Research, Albert Street

There are two Cancer Research shops in the city centre, and this is by far the best.

Large bric-a-brac section (pictured right and below), prices range from very reasonable to quite high.

I have bought some lovely stuff here in previous visits, including the Melitta Stockholm coffee set.

I've also been lucky here with household linens.

Cancer Research


4 - Lighthouse Charity Shop,
Albert Street

Large bric-a-brac section, some good stuff, excellent prices.

Some large furniture, mostly Argos-style, with occasional outbreaks of mid-century.

5 - British Heart Foundation, Corn Market

Fairly standard BHF shop, small bric-a-brac section, mostly modern stuff, prices not too bad.

Loads of books, mid/high priced clothes, shoes and handbags.

Probably time for a coffee break by now - Caffe Nero (marked "A" on map) is opposite BHF.

6 - Padley Shop, Sadler Gate

Small shop with a selection of clothes, books and bric-a-brac.
Normally very reasonable on prices, I have no idea what they were thinking when they priced this carafe set at £25.

My favourite buy from here was the Hornsea salt and pepper pots in this post.

Mad Hares

Not a charity shop, but Sadler Gate has a variety of lovely individual home/gift shops and this one (marked "B" on the map) is worth a mention.

It's only been open for a few weeks, but it's well-stocked with some very reasonably-priced small gifts and some gorgeous expensive, luxury stuff, too.

There is a cafe space at the rear of the shop, which will be up and running soon - 
it's beautifully arranged, with nice music and friendly staff, and promises to be a good coffee-stop.

A little further down Sadler Gate, to the left, is the gorgeous but sadly neglected Strand Arcade.
Cut through here to The Strand, and at the other end is this gem -

Ink & Thread
Ink & Thread - The Strand

Again, not a charity shop, but impossible to leave out.

Beautiful things, displayed perfectly and lovely friendly staff.

Have a look at their website .

Ink & Thread

Across the road from Ink & Thread is Derby Library, Museum and Art Gallery, which is well worth a visit.

To the left of the library is a little cut-through which will take you to The Wardwick

Cats Protection League

7 - Cats Protection League, The Wardwick

Mid-range prices, medium-sized bric-a-brac section, predictably lots of cat-related stuff.

8 - Oxfam, St Peters Street

Fairly typical Oxfam shop, prices on the high side, disappointingly even for damaged goods.

Small bric-a-brac section, lots of books and clothes.

If it wasn't coffee time earlier, it most definitely is now.
For a decent, non-chain coffee, pop into the shopping centre to the left and you'll find Caruso Coffee Shop, marked "D" on the map.


9 - Shelter, St Peters Street

Generally reasonable prices, with occasionally incomprehensively high ones.
Medium-sized bric-a-brac section, lots of clothes including new (high-priced) M&S seconds.


 10 - Cancer Research, Babington Lane
The second Cancer Research shop, mostly modern stuff, but reasonably priced and worth a look. 

11- Barnardos, Babington Lane

Large shop - mostly clothes, but has a small vintage section and a small modern bric-a-brac section.
Reasonably-priced stuff.

12 - Save The Children

Medium-sized shop, decent prices, fairly grotty bric-a-brac section but worth a look.  Nothing worth photographing today.

Derby City Mission
Derby City Mission
13 - Derby City Mission Shop, The Spot, Osmaston Road
A nice, traditional (slightly scruffy) charity shop, fairly small, very good prices. 

Would you believe I did a 13-charity-shop circuit, and only spent 99p!
(On that vintage rose tablecloth just above, which will be featuring in a blog giveaway very soon).

I'm joining in with

I'm too late for the
but if you haven't already, do go over and have a look


  1. argghhh I can't believe theres a kiln craft baccus tea/coffee set in that first picture at the PDSA !! I need that badly !! I have lost/broken all my cups ! I love this stuff, we use the plates every day, arrggh !!

    1. Oh, that's such a shame, it looked in really good condition and was only £9.99 for the lot.
      Whereabouts are you located? Just phoned them and they still have it and are willing to save it.

  2. This is SUCH an amazing guide! I love it and NEED to come to Derby IMMEDIATELY!!!
    I'll be holding a nother Charity Shop Blog Hop soon, in a month or so and you can just link this one up then - older posts are very welcome if they haven't linked up before so worry not :)
    Thanks heaps for joining in! xx

    1. Thanks - I'll link up next time, it's a great idea and I love reading everyone's guides xx

  3. oooh, brilliant post! I've been to Derby about 5 times, and only found a fraction of those shops - having sullen 13 year old in tow does not bode well for finding treasures; much easier when they're about 6 years old;)

    Did notice Ink and Thread's lovely window display though when we were there on bank holiday monday (obviously they, and the gallery, were shut, so that was a silly day to go!)

    Perhaps the sensible thing is to go when the 13 year old's at school - uninterrupted thrifting and coffee-drinking bliss! xx

    1. Much as I love my wonderful nearly-13-year-old, I have to admit that a charity-shopping mission of this magnitude is best done when he's at school.

      When he is with me I have to do a trade-off of one game/sports/other horrible boy-type-shop per charity shop, which is only fair, but makes my head hurt xx

  4. I'm most impressed 13 shops and only 99p!! I spent yesterday doing the op-shops (as we call them, abbreviation of opportunity shop!) in a nearby town, where there are only 3 shops plus a more upmarket retro shop. What is slightly spooky is I spent the day with my bf who is from a town near Derby! Sx

    1. I was quite impressed with myself, too!
      It was a nice way to get my charity shop "fix" without spending, although I'm not fooling myself or anyone else - if there'd been irresistible tat it would have come home with me!