Monday, 25 June 2012

This week's thrifting

Recently I seem to have spent a lot of time photographing and documenting my local charity shops for this blog, which is a great way of getting my tat-shopping fix without spending much.
This is a good thing.

 Here are some of the few bits and bobs I've picked up along the way. 

This Stavangerflint dish was only 50p, and is making me very happy by being all matchy-matchy with my living room colour scheme. 

I love these SylvaC embossed mugs - I need more teal in my kitchen. £3 for the set of 6. 

I love the style of this old Esso map of New York - the map itself is a lovely piece of artwork, too.

This map of South-West Brittany had to come home with me - it has one of my favourite beaches on it - and who could resist a map with an illustated guide to the local marine life?

But best of all (and you may want to click to enlarge this bit) are the wonderful topless ladies draped tastefully across the beaches.

I'm linking to some of my favourite thrifting blogs


  1. Oooh those maps are awesome. They'd be straight on my scanner for lovely crafty projects!

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. All excellent finds! The colour of those mugs! And love a map with a topless lady.

  3. Oh, the map is wonderful!

  4. Love your new york map - the graphics from that time are great. I've got a few, erm, boxes of similar travel memorabilia... I'd love to know the stories behind who used them, what they saw.... xx