Thursday, 7 June 2012

The joy of imperfection

I've mentioned this in passing before, but this Hornsea vase reminded me of the strange happiness found in the not-quite-perfect thrift find. 

The glaze is slightly "crazed", meaning it should not be used to hold water but is fine just sitting there being pretty.  Most importantly, it frees me from the need to check prices on ebay and feel that I should sell it on.

I can keep it and enjoy it myself!

I have found that items in thrift shops fall into one of three categories :

- Good enough to sell, even if I really want to keep it
- A bit manky - mine, all mine!
- Lovely item, but way too damaged to buy, I recently had to leave behind a badly crazed Stavangerflint casserole and serving dish, and another Hornsea vase.


  1. I'm rubbish at selling stuff on, I always want to keep everything! I always really like Hornsea but haven't come across any yet.

  2. I know - I always want to keep it all, too.
    I really should do a car boot, but not having a car is a perfect excuse! (That and the torrential downpours).

  3. hi, just found your blog somewhere! and enjoy looking at your thrifty finds. I love Hornsea and have the same vase as yours. Last week I also found a bigger version in the green colourway. I ummed and haaed over whether to spend $3 considering it's got a nasty chip on the lip - in the end I did, and because it's far from perfect I can use it as a vase without feeling like I might be ruining it!