Monday, 4 June 2012

Thrifted Recently

I'm back.
No excuses, let's just say I'm a bad blogger and I will try harder in future.

So - here's a little bit of what I've thrifted lately

One of the bargains of the year so far is this 30-piece set of Old Hall Alveston cutlery by Robert Welch. 
This is a true classic, winning a Design Centre Award in 1965. Coincidentally it is featured in the current (July) edition of Elle Decoration. 
I found this set bagged up in a charity shop for £2. On the same shelf was a set of Ikea cutlery for £3.

This little bird is a bit of a mystery, and I would welcome any suggestions as to the manufacturer.

It does have a maker's stamp on the bottom, but my camera is not very good at close-ups.
I'm also unsure what the holes are for, if anything.

 Any ideas? 

Another Bernard Buffet-style item, this time a small metal tray. £1 from the usually over-priced "Vintage" section of a local charity shop. 

This is the first Whitefriars I have ever found in a charity shop. 
It has a couple of tiny chips around the inner rim, but due to the way the light glows through the glass you have to look really closely to notice them. 
It doesn't match anything in my house so I'm not sure what to do with it, but I couldn't leave it in the shop for £2.

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  1. Oh wow! So glad you've linked up for the first time.

    Your purchases are AMAZING! Isn't it funny how IKEA stuff seems to be 'worth more'? I often notice that in the furniture categories on ebay.

    LOVE your Whitefriars - I'd be tempted to re-decorate around it LOL

    1. If I hadn't just finished decorating most of the house I'd give that serious consideration.
      At the moment, though, even thinking of ladders and paintbrushes is making me want to go and quietly whimper in the corner of the room!

  2. I love all your finds! That tray is fantastic, and I'm a little bit obsessed with mid-century flatware...gorgeous!

  3. That cutlery is incredible! Shocking about the price next to Ikea stuff. So sad.
    Love the bird but can't shed any light, I'm afraid.

  4. I think your bird might be some type of Ocarina ... an ancient style of musical instrument somewhere between a whistle and a flute. They're popular in Mexico & South America as tourist souvenirs.

  5. Thanks Scott - I've had a little blow, so to speak, and the only sound that could be heard was the hysterical laughter of my delightful family.
    Could be doing it wrong, though, I'm not known for my musical ability. Definitely not after that!